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What kind of backlinks do I get?

  • These are contextual links on high authority blogs. Your link will appear on the homepage for at least 3 months.

Are these safe for my money site?

  • There is no guarantee or safety for any kind of SEO. Trying to manipulate or game your rankings goes against the terms and condition of search engines. When you but this service you take a risk but keep in mind that these backlinks have been working for some serious money making keywords. It is your responsibility on where and how you want to use these links.

What is the turn around time? When can I get results?

  • Posts usually start on the 2nd day of order unless we have too many orders. The total turn around time will depend upon the custom drip feed you have chosen. Results normally start appearing within 2-4 weeks of placing the backlinks. Please be patient and continue improving your website.

Can I see the network? Do I get a report?

  • No, we don’t give out reports. This is for everyone’s own good, including your own. This network is incredibly expensive to produce and we have no desire to needlessly put it at risk by making it public. We also do want to expose our tactics. Copycats run wild. Our product works, and we want to keep it that way. You will be able to see some links inside your favorite backlink checker (ahrefs, majestic, open site explorer, etc) but understand that a lot of stuff will purposely not show up there.

How may URLs and keywords can I use?

  • You can use unlimited keywords and URLs but there can’t be specific combinations. There can only be 3 specific combinations but we allow unlimited random combinations. The URLs and keywords also have to be similar topics. We don’t allow splitting URLs and keywords into entirely different topics. If you have questions regarding this, feel free to ask.

How many words does each post contain?

  • Each post will have a minimum of 300 words.

Can I use these on youtube and other parasite links? 

  • Yes, these blog posts are potent for that purpose too.

Can I use these links with a non-english site?

  • Yes, you can but the content will be in English language. The keywords can be in any other language.

What is your refund policy?

  • After you place an order, the posts will start getting published within 2 days. Once they are started, we do not provide refunds. There are powerful blog posts and if you want get the best and safest results, you should use drip feed and don’t forget to make sure your website is optimized properly.